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From Rachel Pena

This e-mail was sent on what would have been Cody's seventh birthday, after Rachel stumbled onto the Web site. It made my day. :)

From Ricardo Vicente

I received this e-mail account of Ricardo's personal child-loss journey in July 2006. It's harrowing enough to lose a child, but when negligence is possibly to blame, it must be exponentially worse. I wish I could help. :(

From Julie Morris

What a beautiful, heartfelt e-mail from Julie! It warms my heart to know there are such caring people out there. :)

From Grayce Darden

Grayce, a friend of our family's, was six years old when she typed this letter to Cody with help from her mom, Crystal. That was just after Cody's death.

From Hayley Darden

Hayley, Grayce's then four-year-old sister, dictated this letter to Cody to her mom following Cody's death.

Cody's tiny feet